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Ladies Brown Beige Sinamay Straw Designer Dress Hat NY Fashion Hats
Ladies Brown Beige Multi Colored Sinamay Straw Designer Dress Hat. This Special Occasion Hat, Is Suited For The Kentucky Derby, Horse Races, Church, Weddings, Formal Events, Holidays, And Parties. Custom Made And Designed By NY Fashion Hats Custom Millinery,

Ladies Brown Beige Sinamay Straw Designer Dress Hat NY Fashion Hats

On sale: $125.21
In Stock.
Part Number:Ladies Sinamay Straw Brown Beige Black Hat FVB90


Ladies Formal Beige And Brown Sinamay Linen Straw Designer Hat


Hat Condition Is Brand New


Kentucky Derby Fashion Straw Hat, A Perfect Hat, For Horse Races, Formals, And Special Occasion


Straw Wedding Hats, Garden Tea Party Hat, Holiday Hat

Feature 5

Easter Hats, Spring Hat, Summer Hat, Fall Hat

Ladies Beige And Brown, Animal Leopard Print Sinamay Straw, Slant Brim, Designer Spring, Summer, Or Fall Dress Hat, With A Shabby Chic Straw Rosette.  Match, this elegant sinamay straw hat, to your favorite dresses, suits, gowns, pants suits, blouses, handbags, and shoes.  Show off this beautiful hat, at your next formal engagement or affair.

This brown and beige hat is embellished with a brown straw bow, and long feathers.  new design, one size fits all.  Crown measures 22 1/2".  This is a standard crown, fits most women.

This straw fashion dress hat, is appropriate for Church, a wedding, a garden tea party, formals, horse races, The Kentucky Derby, The Belmont Stakes, The Preakness, Breeder's Cup, Saratoga, Virginia Gold Cup, equestrian horse racing events, and special occasion.

 All sales are final.

 Thank you for shopping with NY Fashion Hats, for your millinery headwear needs.

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